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The pulse output may be a flashing LED or a switching relay (usually solid state) or both. In the case of an electricity meter, a pulse output corresponds to a defined amount of energy passing through the meter (kWh/Wh). For single-phase domestic electricity meters (e.g. the Elster A100c) each pulse usually equals one Wh (1000 pulses per kWh).

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The ESP32 is constructed with Xtensa dual-core (or single-core) 32-bit RISC architecture, operating at 160MHz or 240MHz, with up to 520KiB internal SRAM, integrated with Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth (v4.2 BR/EDR and BLE (shares the radio with Wi-Fi). The ESP32 provides peripheral interfaces like ADC, DAC, touch sensors, SPI, I2C, I2S.

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This video shows off a new pulsecnt module for the ESP32 NodeMCU firmware. The pulsecnt library handles sophisticated and automatic pulse counting using the.

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